Jean Pierres brev

Hi everybody,

My name is Jean-Pierre Nzeyimana, I’m an asyl seeker here in Sweden from Octobre 2007 because of the troubles back home in Burundi (we have been in civil war from 1993 wich took more than 10 years, till now still have political violences and no right for expression against the power), i have been victim of that. Now I’m in detention from 14 Mars and the Migrationsverket want to send me back home by force, they say that I don’t have enough evidence for need of asyl. They tried yesterday to deport me and fortunatly, I have been saved by swedish activists, who warned the flight company which was supposed to take me, to not let me in.
Being refugee is very hard, you miss home and you can’t go back and sometimes you stay in hard situation in exil country (like my case).
After my 2 years here in Sweden, January 2010, the Migrationsverket wanted to send me back ,then I had to hide myself which is hard (surviving by church and friends help), sometimes I got sick and couldn’t go to the hospital.
Now that they have me again, they put me directly in detention in wait for deportation.
The hardest part in detention is that I sleep max 3 hours in the day, I can’t sleep in the night, thinking of my deportation because i’m facing persecution.
The Migrationsverket gave my case to the police so that they take me back to Burundi by force.
Please if anybody can help me to make the Migrationsverket review my case again.
God bless you!
Jean Pierre

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