Occupational gaps in Ugandan general population – my bachelors thesis

So, I am officially finished with my bachelor’s thesis! Today I did the final modifications and sent it in, and so it’s time to publish it here. It’s about occupational gaps – the difference between what you want to do and what you actually do. I wrote a basic introduction to the concepts, in Swedish, here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 12.30.52Click here to download the report as PDF!

The data collection was made in different parts of the country – in a marketplace, a church, at the beach, at a shopping mall and in a university area. 


First: thanks to each and every one who filled out the questionnaire. The Ugandan general population were so much friendlier and willing to help than I could ever imagine – altthough I have been here before. Webale nyo! Webale muno! Apwoyo matek!

Thanks to Johanna Dalunde Eriksson for company during data collection, for books, klumpen, and your encouraging faith in me, and Mats Utbult for pens, printing and company to Lira. Thanks to Nils Bryntesson for delivery of headphone cable and other life necessities. Thanks to Liv Thalén for SPSS and statistics assistance, and to Ellen Kendall for proofreading. TACK.

Apwoyo matek to Ponsiano Okalo for generous hospitality (thrice) and amazing help with data collection.

Webale nyo nyo nyo to Zarie, Zakia, Gertrude, Dennis and Hatim, my caretakers and friends at Kathy Gardens. Thank you for letting me go with the internet on my excursions, for all the carrying of jerrycans, for food and data collection help and everything else.

Thanks also to Mandana Fallahpour for supervision and my peers in the supervision group for support and good discussions. Thanks to Susanne Guidetti for connecting me with Gunilla and Julius, Gunilla Eriksson for OGQ and help, Andreas Montelius for statistics help, and Julius Tunga Kamwesiga for help with application for ethical approval. Tack, webale nyo!